I have a series of 20 .tif images. I want to create an .avi video from them but I want each image to be shown for 4-5 seconds. I tried ffmpeg but I cannot find a way to make them be shown for this specific time. Does anyone have an idea?


You can use the -framerate option of ffmpeg to control this. It's possible to use a fractional value for this setting. Using -framerate 1/5 will show all frames for 5 seconds, -framerate 1/4 will show them for 4 seconds.

I you require varying duration for each frame, it is necessary to alter the overall framerate, and duplicate these frames. You could set the framerate to 1, which would be 1 second increments, then have a number of copies of each frame which matches the desired duration in seconds. It may be possible to use soft-links rather than full copies of files to avoid using excessive disk space.

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