When I boot Ubuntu from Odroid, this message always appears:

enter image description here

I change hostname and other, and I use usermod -d to change home directory, but I don't know why that message appears. When I use a terminal it always says:


But after change it says:



  • Can you give us the output of cat /etc/lsb-release? Oct 16, 2016 at 17:59
  • JARVIS@JARVIS:/home/JARVIS$ cat /etc/lsb-release DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=16.04 DISTRIB_CODENAME=xenial DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS" i dont know how to make this in code. sry Oct 17, 2016 at 8:18

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You can get the path with

gsettings get org.blueman.transfer shared-path

and change it with (for instance):

gsettings set org.blueman.transfer shared-path '/home/toto'

Selecting a new /Downloads/ folder in Blueman fixed the issue for me.

You can do it by opening Blueman Services (open Terminal and type blueman-services). There, under 'Transfer Settings', select a new folder as 'Incoming Folder' (I just selected /newUsername/Downloads/ as mine).

I apologize for the later answer, but as I had the same issue after I changed my host and user name, and there is no solving answer to this topic, I decided to post what removed the problem for me.


As for me, this command:

gsettings set org.blueman.transfer shared-path '/home/your_user_name/Downloads'

solved the problem.

Of course instead of /home/your_user_name/Downloads, you can insert any other name of an existing folder.

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