Is it possible to set Juju to allow an unsigned private deb repo?

I am trying to automate setting up a local APT repo on one of my MAAS/Juju nodes (via a custom charm), and install custom Openstack packages onto my intended Openstack nodes from there. I reviewed this,

How do I add a public key for a private debian repo when using juju to deploy a service?

But I don't need the repo to be signed.

  • Are you deploying the openstack packages from your charm? – Bilal Baqar Oct 14 '16 at 20:33

Use the following code if a debian repository needs to be added.

You will need to import the charmhelpers python library into your charm. If the charmhelpers directory is under the hooks/ directory add the following code to your install hook.

from charmhelpers.fetch import configure_sources 

You will also be required to add two configs into your config.yaml

  default: 'ppa:<custom-ppa>/stable'
  type: string
  description: Provide the install source URL.
  default: null
  type: string
  description: Provide the respective keys of the install sources.

You can pass configs as follows in your config.yaml:

  install_sources: "deb https://stub:key@private.example.com/ubuntu trusty main"

Deploy add the --config flag when deploying the charm:

juju deploy --config config.yaml charm-name

The install_sources value can be a URL or sources.list entry, as supported by: add-apt-repository. Examples:

  • "ppa:charmers/example"
  • "deb https://stub:key@private.example.com/ubuntu trusty main"
  • 'proposed:' may be used to enable the standard 'proposed' pocket for the release.
  • 'cloud:' may be used to activate official cloud archive pockets, such as 'cloud:icehouse'
  • 'distro' may be used as a noop

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