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Using GParted:

enter image description here

This flash drive is a 1GB Kingston flash drive, in GParted it shows 8MB of space remaining, and when I try to create a partition table for it, it loads but nothing changes at all, so I can't create a partition for this disk.

I just want to use this flash drive normally for saving files, or maybe using Porteus, I just want to make this flash drive a normal one.

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  • You used the menu option from Device -> Create partition table? – Anwar Oct 12 '16 at 14:52

Try using a different utility (perhaps even on a different OS) to create the new partition table -- even command line fdisk. If nothing else, you may get an informative error message.

It seems likely this drive has damaged hardware and is no longer writable; with the cost of new small thumb drives (almost free), it's surely not worth putting a lot of effort into recovering this one.

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