In Unity settings there are 2 options for Menú visibility:

  • Display on mouse over
  • Always displayed

If I select the first the title of the window is always visible on top but the menu is not until I hover: I think this is really bad UX. The menu should be always visible I shouldn't have to hover the mouse to see it. I want to go directly to the right spot and click not move generically in the area and wait for the menu to appear to actually move the cursor where I need.

If I set the second option I find it really annoying that windows title is not shown at all, only the menu is visible.

Screenshot, window title not showing

Some software show important information in the window title (like, in this case, the project name I'm looking at) so that I can say, at first glance, in which window I'm in.

Unity doesn't show the title when the window is maximized. Same goes for windows having menu in there. (Example chrome: windows title is supposed to show the current tab title).

The same things happens, even if less annoying on the default switcher: only the highlighted window shown the title, the other ones do not show it and you have to hover the mouse to see the title.

Switcher screen not showing title

How do I make Ubuntu Unity always show BOTH the title and the menu of the windows?

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that is strange, normal behaviour should be like you want it. Unity shows the menu for a specified time after you start the app and than it should show the app title...

  • This is also not acceptable in my opinion, but no it's not how it happen. The title should ALWAYS be in the middle, right to the menu. Maybe I enabled some option to make the menu stay there always . The menu shouldn't disappear it's just really bad UX. Oct 13, 2016 at 10:31
  • I've updated my question. I forgot about that setting Oct 14, 2016 at 10:52

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