I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my computer but when I try to boot into it the screen just goes black although the computer stays on.

Some information regarding my situation:

  • The live-USB worked fine and it said it installed successfully
  • I have Windows and Elementary installed on a different disk
  • Ubuntu is installed on an external disk (connected over USB) with no other operating systems
  • When I turn on the computer, I select the external drive, GRUB loads and has options for the other operating systems.
  • This is the GRUB config file for grub on the disk with Ubuntu (Log)


  • I have tried using boot repair which reinstalls grub but that had no effect.
  • I have tried all of the advanced options for Ubuntu in the grub menu (to no avail).

You do not normally install grub to a partition's boot sector(PBR) and never to a NTFS PBR.

GRUB is not letting me switch to Windows 8. Dual boot process. Ubuntu 15.04

While grub likes to default to install to drive seen as sda, with multiple drives and multiple installs, keep each system's boot loader in the MBR of the drive installed into. You can use Boot-Repair's advanced mode and choose an install and then choose the drive to install boot loader. Then in BIOS choose to boot system you use the most. But if issues then you can choose from BIOS any other system.

  • that still did not I think it may be as the disk is connected over usb 1.0 and is pretty slow plus i managed to install it on another disk through a sata connection. – Some One Oct 21 '16 at 14:54

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