I made a shortcut to my home folder by dragging and dropping it to the panel.

Is there a way that I can drag and drop files to that applet in order to save the file in the folder location?

What I really want is to make a shortcut to one of my Ubuntu One folders, that when I drag and drop a file, selected text or url to that applet, it saved the dropped 'element' in the folder for synchronization purposes.


Like the trash can but with a custom selected folder.

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The following script will act according to your desciption. I believe this is not the best approach for this situation, but there is not an applet with the functionality described by you that I know of.

Create a file in your home folder with the following content:


ubuntuone_loc="/home/user/Ubuntu One/"

if [ $# -eq 0 ] ;
  nautilus "$ubuntuone_loc"
    for file in "$@" ; 
      echo $(($i * 100 / $#))
      cp "$file" "$ubuntuone_loc"
    echo 100
  )|zenity --progress --title="Copy files progress" --text="Copying $# files to $ubuntuone_loc..." --auto-close &

  while [ $RUNNING -eq 0 ]
    if [ -z "$(pidof zenity)" ]
      kill $(pidof cp)


Make sure you replace "/home/user/Ubuntu One" with your ubuntu one folder. Now create a new custom launcher, and fill in "sh /path/to/the/created/file". The new launcher should work with clicking and drag and drop.

I hope this works for you. A custom Ubuntu One applet with this sort of behaviour would be nice.

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    I did this and indeed it's working. The only problem is that it works only for files, no for dropping of links nor selected text. I modified your code for testing and when dropping a selected text or link $# equals 0. I guess one have to do a 'proper' applet using C or python. Any ideas?
    – Cesar
    Oct 21, 2010 at 16:30
  • Well, I must say I think that is a great idea. The problem is that I don't think an applet is the best approach. I personally feel like applets don't fit well in to the desktop. If you want to continue with this idea make sure you let me know.
    – W. Goeman
    Oct 21, 2010 at 17:31

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