i have on my server a settings i use for all my users. every time i create a new user i have to copy all the settings over and over.

for example:

  • .vimrc.
  • .profile
  • .bashrc
  • firefox homepage to our intranet
  • evolution settings (server and username) etc...

i saw skel can do it, is there a easy way to setup a user with my settings when i adduser?


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Everything should be located in the /etc/skel folder.

You need to create a link on the desktop for all users:

mkdir -p /etc/skel/Desktop
cd /etc/skel/Desktop/
vi shortcut.desktop
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Visit ShortCut
    Exec=firefox http://intranet.ShortCut.com
chmod +x shortcut.desktop

That will create a link on the desktop.

Here's few articles that will help you for what you need:

I think putting the various things you want to use in /etc/skel is the simplest.

The other option would be to script it.

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