I was able to connect to my xubuntu system installed in a virtual box via ssh from my PC (running Ubuntu 16.04):

ssh vtm@

Later, in the same machine (xubuntu) I executed the following commands to enable FTP access:

sudo ufw disable
sudo iptables -F

Now I cannot connect to it via ssh, I get the following error:

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

How can I solve this issue?


Can you please restart your computer to undo this iptables -F?

If you want to allow FTP why not running: ufw allow 21/tcp ufw enable

next please install nmap and check if the port is reachable at all: apt-get install nmap

then: nmap -p 22 and nmap -p 21

Post the results, I am curious if the ports are reachable at all.


The problem was that ssh was not allowed by the firewall, so :

sudo ufw allow ssh

solved my problem.

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