I have tried downloading index at ftp server from 1998 to the end of 2016


wget -r ftp://igs.bkg.bund.de/IGS/obs/2009/ 

I used this code than download didn't complete. I want to resume getting downloaded file.

wget -c ftp://igs.bkg.bund.de/IGS/obs/2009

I use this code but it doesn't work.

I tried different path:

wget -r -nc ftp://igs.bkg.bund.de/IGS/obs/2009/

But I haad to do for every year. For instance, wget -r -nc ftp://igs.bkg.bund.de/IGS/obs/2010(or 2011...)/


The -c flag is needed to finish fetching any file if it was only partially downloaded. You still need to use the -r flag to find that file, and to continue downloading the rest of the files recursively. Therefore you should use:

wget -rc ftp://igs.bkg.bund.de/IGS/obs/2009/

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