It seems to have disappeared. The menu Edit/Search doesn't work, either.

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I've filed a launchpad bug-report.

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    If you've filed a bug report then there's probably no need to post it here. Nov 28 '11 at 20:26
  • Please refrain from posting bugs as they are considered off-topic. Thanks! Nov 28 '11 at 20:26
  • What theme are you using? I notice that you have menus for File Edit View and Help as part of the Window which on my Unity User Interface are in the top panel. Perhaps the changes that you have made to the User Interface have caused this. Nov 28 '11 at 22:54
  • I tried several themes to see if that was the problem. No search in any of the themes... Nov 30 '11 at 19:51

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

The Search textbox is hidden by default, it is automatically displayed when typing.


Maybe this answer is just silly, but it is not just the case that the window is not big enough to show the Search textbox? If i resize my window to that size, the Search disappears because there's no space to it be shown.

  • That is not the case on my 11.10 system. There is a limit to how narrow we can make the window and it still has the search panel. Nov 28 '11 at 22:50
  • I have 11.10 too (Ambiance theme) and when i resize it to the minimum size allowed, the Search bar dissapears: goo.gl/wmva2
    – Salem
    Nov 28 '11 at 22:56
  • I didn't change it from it's default size when it opened, pretty much filled the small laptop screen. Nov 30 '11 at 19:52
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    @Cams this is a usability failure on Ubuntu's side. Don't feel stupid.
    – 0x6A75616E
    Aug 19 '15 at 4:46

Gary Lasker from Canoical contacted me through launchpad. He asked me to run Ubuntu Software Center from a terminal using the command line.

⋯$ software-center

I did that and the search box is back. There were no updates in the interim so it possibly was a one time thing (so far).

Thanks to Gary for getting back to me quickly!

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