Currently I can only make windows half or quarter of the screen, but if I resize a windows, like 1/3 width of the screen, then I want to move another window to the remaining 2/3 of the screen, I simply can't, because I can only drag the window to half a screen.

I tried solving this with CompizConfig but I didn't found any related stuff there.

  • Do look at proper tiling window managers like i3wm or ratpoison (though they're considered to be a bit difficult to get used to for beginners). – muru Oct 9 '16 at 17:25

No, currently you cannot do so with compiz, which is required by Unity. Because the Grid plugin from compiz only allow you half-split the window.

But, there are plans to make the grid sizes configurable in future. From the Compiz Wiki page for Grid plugin, under ideas section, these are mentioned

  1. Make the grid size reconfigurable instead of the fixed 33%,50%,66% sizes (ie. Maybe an even better option is to retain the 2x3 grid, but allow the user to specify how big the grid blocks are.)

  2. Perhaps assign a layout per workspace or hotkey to switch between grid sizes

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