I am running ubuntu 11.10 32bit in my dell xps L502. Working well except for a few problems.

  1. Blue tooth always turned on reboot,I would like to turn it off always.

  2. Screen brightness is not saved. Every time I reboot, the screen goes back to full brightness.How to save that?

  3. And the most important problem is internet speed through wi-fi is really very slow when operating on battery.the card is intel centrino Advanced-N 1030 with integrated bluetooth.

Any help will be appriciated... :)


First, the general format here is one question at a time.

Your first 2 questions are duplicates

  1. How can I deactivate Bluetooth on system startup?

  2. Desktop doesn't remember brightness settings after a reboot

the third question is, as far as I can tell, a bug


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