I'm renting a VPS running Ubuntu, and I've installed the Postfix mail-server package on this.

I've also bought several domains. Their DNS-entries (separate DNS-records) are all set to point to my VPS using an A record. In each of the DNS-entries I've also added a MX record for mail; pointing to it's domain-name as specified in it's DNS-entry.

The DNS-entries pretty much all look like this (here with censored IP and fake domain-name):

DNS-settings for my-first-domain.com:
@     A          104.XXX.XXX.XXX          
@     MX    10   mail.my-first-domain.com.        
mail  A          104.XXX.XXX.XXX          
smtp  A          104.XXX.XXX.XXX          
www   A          104.XXX.XXX.XXX

I've set-up each domain as a separate domain - including separate MX-records for mail...

  • Should I've rather have used CNAME to make the other domains just aliases?
  • Rather than separate MX-records; should I've rather used CNAME-alias, or at least let all MX-entries point to my "main" domain?

Assuming what I've done isn't too bad and can be used, how can I set-up Postfix to handle multiple mail-domains? Either "separately" (preferable), or with the other domains just as aliases for the "main" domain?

I've created user-accounts for each of my domains, so for now having all mail to my-first-domain.com being delivered to the mailbox for my-first-domain-user would be acceptable. (Although I suppose I may make additional mail-boxes for handling some types of mail - for example, all mail to abuse on any of my domains, goes to the abuse-mailbox.)

  • So what steps must I do to set-up Postfix to handle mail sent to multiple domains?

I've also installed procmail and mailx - as well as the mutt and alpine mail-clients.


What you seem to be looking for is virtual domains.

There are good tutorials out there regarding this topic. For instance, this one: https://www.howtoforge.com/virtual-users-and-domains-with-postfix-courier-mysql-and-squirrelmail-ubuntu-12.04-lts

  • My end goal is to host several web-domains... How will virtual domains for Postfix/mail impact this? Can using virtual domains for mail be integrated for use with web-server (Apache) too? – Baard Kopperud Oct 7 '16 at 18:47
  • Web sites and Postfix virtual domains have little in common. The idea of virtual domains in Postfix is the ability to store domain information in a backend of your choice (database/LDAP/etc.) and allow a single instance of Postfix to handle multiple mail domains. Think about it as virtual hosts on Apache web server. – Alvils Berzins Oct 8 '16 at 7:10

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