If I go onto any site that uses some form of SSO it will not work. For example, if I go to http://www.espn.com/watchespn/index and select a random live stream, it asks me to sign into my service provider. Once I select my service provider it takes me to their site where I sign in and I automatically get redirected back to their site. But the video never loads. This isn't just for espn.com. If I go to any other site like nbcsports.com or tbs.com to watch tv shows I have the same problem. I've tried this in chrome, chromium, and Firefox (although only chrome supports adobe flash).

I see nothing in console output or network to indicate any issues. How can I debug this? Can anyone else confirm this issue? I've tried multiple Ubuntu machines and all have same results.

  • The sites you mentioned all sound like AV streaming websites. Have you checked to make sure that it's not a problem with playing videos? – Owen Hines Oct 6 '16 at 2:48
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    Do you have extensions enabled? – Olathe Oct 6 '16 at 2:51
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    Without knowing if it's necessary at those sites, it's worth mentioning that there are Flash plugins available for both Chromium and Firefox. Chrome OTOH has it built-in to start with. – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Oct 6 '16 at 3:48
  • @OwenHines yes for example if I go to youtube.com i can play any video without any issues or if I go to a site like myp2p.ec (careful adware) I can stream audio/video fine. It is only when a site directs be to my cable service provider's website to enter my credentials and then returns me back to their site aftwards, that I experience the issue (SSO). Not sure if this error is relevant but this is what I see in console in dev tools: "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED – mdo123 Oct 6 '16 at 20:03
  • @Olathe I did not know you can enable/disable all extensions. How do you check that? If I go into extensions all the ones I use are checked enabled though. – mdo123 Oct 6 '16 at 20:04

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