In compiz the "fit zoomed area to window" is pretty neat. It will zoom in so that a given windows covers the full screen.

What I'm missing here is a way to zoom out back to the default level.

I.e. if I'm zoomed in N%, how can I simply get back to 0% zoom?

I have a key to zoom out; but I need to press it a whole bunch of times which is not what I want.

I've also figured out that if I set "zoom level" to it's maximum (3.0), then my zoom out key does bring it back to 0%. But now the zoom in key goes too close and is unusable. I'm hoping there's a cleaner way to do this (one where I don't have to disable other functionality).


Yes you can! You will need CompizConfig installed:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager  

Open it up and search for zoom in the top left search bar.

enter image description here

Switch to the "specific zoom" tab and click "disabled", under "Zoom Specific Level 1":

enter image description here

Check the "enabled" checkbox and then click "Grab key combination" to set your desired shortcut. Click "OK".

enter image description here

Make sure that "Specific zoom factor" is set to 1.00.

You're done!

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