In Ubuntu I got the following shortcuts:

Alt+Space+x to Maximize Window

Alt+Space+n to Minimize Window

Alt+Space+m to Move Window

Super+D to minimize all windows and show desktop

I want to do the same in KDE (Kubuntu) but in settings there's no way to do that. Can someone help me?

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Go to

System Settings > Workspace > Shortcuts > Global Keyboard shortcuts

In KDE component choose KWin and scroll down through the list. You will find the options Minimize Window, Maximize Window,Move Window and Show Desktop. Click in the Global-columne right to the desired action, a small menu pops up and you can enter the desired shortcut.


KDE has a huge number of features and customisation options. You have to first decide what kind of shortcut you want to use. Try to look at the global shortcuts application. You should be able to set it there.


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