In Ubuntu 16.04 I had to reboot and after logging in there was no GUI, just the background color of my desktop and mouse. I could not open any applications except System Monitor. I tried to end a couple of processes related to unity in the hope that menu etc. would shop up again. No luck, so I did a shutdown with the power button.

After reboot, everything seemed to be OK, except that I couldn't switch workspace with shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys) - so, that's my problem now.

I tried:

  • Changing the shortcuts in keyboard settings
  • unity --reset
  • gsettings reset-recursively (different stuff) link
  • reboot

Other shortcuts related aren't working either, like Super+Home to switch to Workspace 1. I can switch using Super+S. When I pull up the shortcut list holding Super down 2 sec. I can see that the shortcut for switching (Ctrl+Alt+Cursor Keys) are not mentioned... Other shortcuts seem to work. Using the mouse to snap a window to the maximum are not working either (double-click works).

Maybe I stopped something that didn't start again?

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Found the answer myself using this guide: How To Reset Unity And Compiz In Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10 Or 13.04.

Installed dconf-tools:

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

Did the reset:

dconf reset -f /org/compiz/

And restart Unity:

setsid unity

And then I rebooted just to be sure.

Finally, you need to re-enable workspaces after the reboot.

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