I have a ubuntu(don't know the version) server, in which I am trying to clear the following 4 sub-folders.


I know using the following 1-liner command I can clear all those folders, after I have cded to the magento-root/ folder, but somehow it doesn't work.

rm -rf var/{cache,session,report,log}/*

What could be reason for this, is there any setting through which this can be turned off ?

  • Did you use the command with sudo? – edwinksl Sep 30 '16 at 11:02
  • Command works for me where I have appropriate permissions. – Arronical Sep 30 '16 at 11:03
  • I don't have server sudo credentials, due to security risk, but I don't think sudo is required for using curly brackets for multiple folders whereas rm -rf var/cache/* works fine without need of sudo overrides. I can delete all those sub-folders separately, but if I run the 1-liner, it never works. – Vicky Dev Sep 30 '16 at 11:04
  • I didn't use -rf when I tested. Does it fail silently? – Arronical Sep 30 '16 at 11:08
  • And you're just trying to delete what's inside the subdirectory right? Not the subdirectory itself. – Arronical Sep 30 '16 at 11:09

As per your comment Is there any other 1-liner by which I can clear those folders regardless of they are empty or not ? use this:

other 1-liner

Use this:

First make sure you are in the magento-root/ directory. Then run this line:

$ for i in var/cache var/session var/log var/report; do rm -rf $i/* ;done

If you are not in the magento-root directory use use this one liner cd to the magento-root directory:

 cd magento-root; for i in var/cache var/session var/log var/report; do rm -rf $i/* ;done

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