I have tried searching the net for a solution but I haven't come across this exact problem. When I open Ubuntu Software in 16.04 I see the "featured applications" "editors picks" "recommended" and "categories" But when I select any application nothing loads. I get the orange circle that keeps rotating and nothing ever happens, nothing ever loads.

The ONLY thing that temporarily solved this problem was:

$ killall gnome-software  
$ rm -r ~/.local/share/gnome-software  

Once I ran the above everything loaded correctly in Ubuntu Software but it only lasted a few hours and eventually went back to the same old orange circle of death on everything I clicked.

Please help if you can :)

  • Before anything else, use a simple concatenated command to make sure your system is up-to-date: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade. If you notice errors please edit and update your question will the full error messages.
    – user589808
    Sep 29 '16 at 8:05

I have just answered a similar question. This is a common thing. For me , I run bleachbit and reboot. That is the short answer. You can also look at installing your .deb files with gdebi and the rest with synaptic package manager. Its a LOT faster.

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