Im using apache2 and php7.

Im trying to install the Magento2.

But when i hit the server 10.20. ... i get 500 Internal server error..

Checks i made:

1) Gave 0777 to all folders

2) there is no .htaccess file in root folder

3) Cloned magento 2 from github in the following folder /var/www/html/magento2/

4) ran composer install.

Works perfect in windows, whats missing in Linux as im installing for the 1st time in Ubuntu

  • Gave 0777 to all folders basically means 'Gave access to random people on the Internet to my web site'. Just don't do it. Never ever! – oerdnj Sep 28 '16 at 21:04
  • Ok , path and permission was the problem, fixed now, thanks! and no my server is not hosted @oerdnj, its kept for developing purpose – Sushivam Sep 29 '16 at 9:48
  • @SachinS Same issue. How did you exactly solve it? – Mohammed Joraid Jul 8 '17 at 0:06

You can follow link below , followed the same it works correctly. 7 Steps to Install Magento 2 on Ubuntu/Debian [Latest] - Sample Data

Also you have to create apache user on system to run php bin/magento command

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    Include steps from link you've given because of link could became unavailable and give a reference to resource you've taken info from. – Gryu Mar 11 at 14:04

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