I just installed Xubuntu on my Acer Aspire netbook but can not get the pointing device at all. I am unable to access anything as a result. Can someone please help. Thanks.

  • If you have a synaptics touchpad, try installing xf86-input-libinput – Severus Tux Sep 27 '16 at 18:58
  • Please all more details to the question. – Anwar Sep 28 '16 at 10:18

First off if your laptop has a toggle touchpad button, hit it to see if it changes things.
You may have drivers installed, but the mouse isn't activated or recognized.

Login using your keyboard/tab/ and or arrows keys. Open a terminal using a keyboard shortcut default is:
ctrl + alt + T

You can check this with the following commands


Find your touchpad id, it should be a 1 or 2 digit number(like 14). Then once you have your ID, run:

xinput --list-props <ID>

This should spit out all the properties that deal with your touchpad driver. The key thing we are looking for is something along the lines of:

Device Enabled (SOME_NUMBER): 0

Obviously 0 is off, so we want to change it with this command:

xinput --set-prop <ID> <THAT_NUMBER> 1

This should "activate" your touchpad. If this problem persists(!) you may need to change your driver (libinput is the one I use as some features were not working with stock synaptics.)

Along with this you can create a script to fix this at startup (I personally add the commands to the end of my ~/.profile file) The order of input devices MAY change after you logout. Because of this you can always replace the numbers in your long term solution with the String names: IE: xinput --set-prop 14 138 1 To xinput set-prop 'SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad' 'Device Enabled' 1


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