I've downloaded the .bin, .cue and .cdt files of an audio CD (freely available), but I'd prefer to have the audio in FLAC format on my computer. How do I convert the audio tracks of the .bin file to FLAC files without losing quality?

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.

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(Expanding on the solution from oldmankit over at Ubuntu Forums)

  1. Install bchunk and flac:

    sudo apt install bchunk flac
  2. Use bchunk to convert the .bin to WAV files:

    bchunk -w image.bin image.cue track
  3. Use flac to compress the WAV files:

    for f in track*.wav; do flac $f; done

Naming and tagging the FLAC files is subject for another question, but cuetools (particularly the cueprint command) may be of help there.

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