I am having a iPhone 4s and a laptop with Ubuntu 16.04. I need to copy music, pptx, pdfs from my laptop to iPhone. I read many posts and answers but none of them help me. Even I tried to install iTunes through PlayOnLinux, but it does not allow to sync files between iphone and laptop. As suggested in a answer at askubuntu I ran

sudo apt-get update

and then

sudo apt-get install gvsf-backends

then it notifies me that I am having the latest one installed. But when I connect iphone to Ubuntu, only I am able to copy the camera photos ( and other pdfs, pptx...) to my computer only, I cannot copy ones from my computer to the iphone. I even tried Banshee but it does not have "devices" tab in the left side. How to sync music, files and videos from Ubuntu 16.04 to iphone 4s?


I found a possible solution on this page "How to tranfer files between iPhone and Ubuntu?" . I have not tried it and cannot confirm if it works or not

  • This is best posted as a comment not an answer but you don't have enough rep points to post a comment. Please limit your answers to things you are confident will work. – WinEunuuchs2Unix Oct 25 '16 at 23:51

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