So as many other users I have several computers and it is tedious to write the code snippets twice and change settings twice. So my question is this: Is there an easy way to replace the settings of gedit? In particular I'm looking for a way to add the extra code snippets from one of the computers to the other.

Thanks in advance.


GUI way to doing this is -

  1. Going Menu to Tools -> Manage Snippets

  2. Then select all snippets using Ctrl+A

  3. Click on the export icon.

It will ask where you want to export all snippets. After selecting the directory, all snippets will be exported into a compressed file Snippets archive.tar.gz in that directory. You can then import this archive using same GUI options Import Snippets button.

export and import button

All these snippets are actually stored at ~/.config/gedit/snippets directory. If you want you can also use command line tools to copy the contents of that directory to a new computer. The snippets should be restored.

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