In attempting to play an iHeart radio station with Rhythmbox under Ubuntu 16.04 I get two error messages. Rhythmbox is working correctly with the default sample radio stations.

The first error message: "Your Gstreamer is missing a plug-in".

The other error message: "Rhythmbox requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: application/x-gzip decoder."

How can the missing requirements be installed to enable Rhythmbox to play an iHeart radio station?


Issue solved. Found this post: How to get streaming url from online streaming radio station. The error messages were spurious.

Essentially, you look at the page source and search on the word "stream". Then copy the link into the Rhythmbox URL field. In the case of the iHeart radio station, there were several "stream" links. Copied them one by one until I got the right one.

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