I am trying to build a 32 bit version of Wine in a Linux container. When I start the container, attach, and login, and enter the command sudo apt-get update I get the error sudo: main: unable to allocate memory. I tried setting the overcommit_memory to 1, but it still does not work. Does anyone know what is going on?


Are you following the WineHQ wiki to build Biarch 32 / 64 bit wine?


apt-get update

without the sudo

I was rejected trying to sign into the container and had to Attach to it using sudo.

My prompt was:


It was not:


After a couple of hours reading about main: unable to allocate memory and getting nowhere I realized some other diagnostic commands ran fine without sudo so I tried the update and the other 2 commands that follow it and they worked fine without sudo as well.

  • Thanks for answering, and yes I was trying to build Biarch wine. I found the same thing. Apparently, the Linux container already had root access. – Ahsan Jan 19 '17 at 19:48

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