The latest version of Eric in the official Xenial repositories is 6.0.8 and I'd like to install 6.1.9. I know I could get the source and run sudo python3 install.py from the extracted source directory, to install the latest Eric. The problem, is that I'd like my new Eric installation be registered with dpkg. I know how to build a Debian package for programs who's source directories have a Makefile in them (i.e., using checkinstall), but Eric's source directory consists of the following files (revealed by running ls from said directory):

changelog        eric                     install.py          __pycache__      THANKS
description-pak  eric6config.py           LICENSE.GPL3        README-i18n.rst  uninstall-debugclients.py
doc-pak          install-debugclients.py  patch_modpython.py  README.rst       uninstall.py
  • Why go through those hoops when you can get a debian installer for 6.1.8 : packages.debian.org/sid/eric ? Does that 0.0.1 matter? – Rinzwind Sep 20 '16 at 11:12
  • Well that sounds like a reasonable temporary work-around, thanks. Although if anyone finds a simple method (like similar to checkinstall) to build an Eric package I would prefer that. – BH2017 Sep 20 '16 at 11:18

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