I recently had a problem with Unity where it wasn't starting for a particular user. This led me to wanting to reset the Unity config files to their "out of the box" versions, to eliminate the possibility that a config setting was causing problems.

After finding a method and fixing the problem, it led to me wonder if there is a general way to reset a package's configuration files for a given user, rather than searching the ~/.config directory and removing appropriate looking files?

I'm looking specifically for a way of resetting the user's local config, rather than a global config in, say, /etc


There is no generic way to revert user-config for a package. Each package can store their own user config in user's home directory. Usually where these are stored are described in manual pages of a package, but not always.

You have to find and remove those files manually. Most of the configs for GTK applications are found in ~/.config directory

You might want to read this useful question on Unix & Linux SE about config files folder.

(Thanks to edwinksl for the link)

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