I'm new to this kodi software media center stuff.

I have a desktop w Ubuntu which gets internet via an ethernet port in a wifi router (from the cable tv company). Kodi is also installed on the desktop.

I have the (tiny) amazon fire-stick connected to my TV in living room. I've sideloaded Kodi onto it. The firestick is active on my home wifi.

I want to stream vids stored on my Desktop Ubuntu HDD, on to the firestick connected to the TV. (both have kodi installed)

How can i do this? I'm interested in knowing if some of the kodi file sharing protocols (like NFS) will work over the wifi router to firestick? which sharing protocol should i use?

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Kodi media center has many options for displaying audio and video content streamed from another network source.

In case Kodi was installed on the receiver and the media server we can just use Kodi's inbuilt UPnP media server feature. This can be done by enabling "Share my libraries" in Settings > Services > UPnP.

Other than that any Kodi instance can also access network shares in case we had allowed sharing our media directories. Needless to say that any other DLNA server available in the network can be accessed from a Kodi client.

We use miniDLNA running on our media server for a Kodi client attached to our TV.

  • Ah. I see that i don't necessarily need kodi on the server side to share files to a kodi client. I was confusing file sharing with kodi itself. Simply sharing a folder on the desktop should make it visible to the firestick's kodi app, then. will do it.
    – Kiers
    Sep 21, 2016 at 14:58

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