i am trying to connect to a WLAN using a fake mac.

when i turn on my iface and i try to connect it with its permanent MAC everything goes well:


ifconfig $iface down
service networking restart
ifconfig $iface up
iwconfig $iface essid $essid
dhclient $iface -v -4

this script will run without problems. if i try to use

macchanger -e $iface

and after run the previous script the dhclient will never end with something good.

can anyone help me? thanks a lot

  • What does dhclient say after you change your mac? never used macchange why not just use ifconfig wlan1 hw ether 01:02:03:04:05:06? Can you use network if you set your IP manually/static? Also WiFi could have MAC filtering on – meccooll Sep 19 '16 at 20:47
  • No, I cant navigate even if I set hw manually. If I open wireshark I find a serie of DHCP Discovery without answer with the ethernet addr changed. – Gabrio Sep 20 '16 at 7:22
  • 1
    Sounds like MAC filtering on WiFi – meccooll Sep 20 '16 at 15:02
  • Another question, all nic are able to spoof mac? How can I check if the mine can do it? – Gabrio Sep 21 '16 at 6:27
  • No, not all, depends on a driver/nic. Run sudo ifconfig wlan1 hw ether 00:0a:0b:0c:0d:0e or whichever interface instead of wlan1 if you get an error then it's not supported. If no error confirm that HWaddr changed with ifconfig -a – meccooll Sep 21 '16 at 18:37

Not all drivers support mac changes. Try to change the mac with

sudo ifconfig wlan1 hw ether 00:0a:0b:0c:0d:0e

and then confirm that the mac was changed with ifconfig -a

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