I like Windows better than Ubuntu and want to install windows on my ubuntu laptop. It had windows on it before. Can anyone help me with how to open ISO's on Ubuntu?


Ubuntu nor any other OS can read ISOs, but you can write them onto your boot device.

1. Get Brasero Disc burner.

sudo apt-get install brasero

2. Insert your desired boot device.

(e.g. a RW DVD, an SD Card, or a USB thumb drive)

3. Open Brasero


Click on "Burn Image" enter image description here


Click on the selected button then browse your computer for the Windows ISO file you downloaded.

enter image description here


When you have found and loaded the ISO onto the program, select the device you want to write to.


Before you proceed, make sure your boot device has enough memory to hold the ISO. When you're done selecting it, press "Create Image".

4. And you're done!

When Brasero finishes creating the image, take your boot device out and use it. You're done!

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