Unity (the programming environment, not the GUI) has a Linux version that is installed with a deb file.

  • Currently, I'm running this beta version: unity-editor-5.5.0b2+20160906_amd64.deb

  • It keeps crashing on me, so I want to revert to a previous, more stable version: unity-editor-5.4.1f1+20160913_amd64.deb

Can I just install the 5.4.1 deb file, or will I run into problems because a newer version already exists on my system? Or, will I end up with two versions existing simultaneously on my system?


Yes. Installing an application from .deb file using dpkg -i will replace the currently installed version with the one specified in the command. Even if the installed one is newer.

This is if the software can be installed with a single deb file (like the atom text editor).

But if it requires more packages to be pulled to be installed, then you may need to do sudo apt-get -f install after dpkg -i command. However, in this case, if you already have newer versions of those other packages, you may need to force package managers to downgrade these versions. Otherwise, apt-get -f install will end up installing the newer one.

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