For some reason, Shotwell is unable to import or view jpg files downloaded from Facebook. (I doubt that Facebook has much to do with the issue - just mentioning my specifics here).

I hit the download link under a photo on Facebook, choose to save the file, then once it has downloaded I move it from my downloads folder to my pictures folder. I double check that the name ends in .jpg - yet when I search for the file using Import From Folder in Shotwell, its name is watermarked, and therefore cannot be selected or imported. Any thoughts?


The reason why the filename is watermarked is because you've selected the Import From Folder menu item.

When you import from Folder, all files in the folder that can be imported will be; you don't select individual files, you select a folder.

Try again, this time select your Pictures folder then click OK. All images in the Pictures folder that haven't already been imported will be.


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