I have been trying today to set up a new pc with ubuntu.

The tower is a HP ProLiant that a local computer shop gave away a while ago The hard drive is a new 1TB drive I bought today I tried to install ubuntu from a USB stick (I got a local computer shop to put ubuntu on there for me - they installed this thing called rufus so the usb could be used as a boot cd.

I had a few failed attempts to start installing before I realised I hadn't put the power lead into the hard drive

Then I went for the first option 'erase disk and install ubuntu' - clicked install now and it seemed to go through the installation process fine. Got to the point where it told me to restart the computer. I restarted the machine and when it came back on it went back into the installation menus and i realised the boot usb was still in. so I switched the machine off, re-installed ubuntu to be sure; after restarting i removed the usb stick as soon as the light went off. Thought it must be fine now.

Computer starts up - on first bios screen there is a line saying no disk (i had got that during installation as well) and then It went to a screen with options for setup (F9 - i think) and something else. It said 'non-system disk or disk error' There was a countdown of 4 seconds before the system rebooted and the same page was displayed.

What is happening and what to I need to do to get ubuntu up and running?

thanks for your time and help, much appreciated

  • Your BIOS needs to be changed to boot from disk instead of USB as its still configured. – WinEunuuchs2Unix Sep 14 '16 at 17:08

download UNETBOOTIN and re-flash your Ubuntu .iso to your USB drive. in BIOS select boot from USB, or USB/CD (depending on BIOS and drive group). reboot, and proceed to install as normal.

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