I would like to put a windows 10 setup on an extra partition and then start the windows installation process from it. For this I guess I would have to unpack the iso, place the content on some partition on the HDD and then boot the windows setup from there.

Is that possible? How would I configure the bootmanager and make the partition bootable?

Background: Fairly old PC that I can't get to boot from a USB Drive, no CD-Drive in the house, but still with a working ubuntu installation(12.04).


You can do it with grub:

  1. Create extra partition
  2. Format it as ntfs
  3. Unpack iso file in root of this partition
  4. Reboot, enter grub and press "C"
  5. Enter commands:


Where "0,3" is your disk number and partition number (for example, sda4 would be hd0,4, sdb2 would be hd1,2)

insmod ntfs
ntldr /bootmgr

After boot, the Windows installer will start.

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  • But i not remember, change partition to bootable or not – Victor Berg Sep 14 '16 at 16:56

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