This is probably a daft question, but do I need to change the mysql.sys password?

After doing a:

SELECT User,Host,Authentication_String FROM mysql.user;

to display the mysql users, hosts and passwords I see that the mysql.sys users password is set as follows:


Mysql version is 5.7.13 and am having problems finding the code to change the password for another user. (test user).

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I think you should change this user password.

As of MySQL 5.7.9, sys schema objects have a DEFINER of 'mysql.sys'@'localhost'. (Before MySQL 5.7.9, the DEFINER is 'root'@'localhost'.)

Use of the dedicated mysql.sys account avoids problems that occur if a DBA renames or removes the root account.

You can use sudo mysql_secure_installation to set root password and other secure conf. Then use root user change the mysql.sys password. As document say, not suggest del this user.

  • Thanks. i sorted it out a while ago. cant remember how but I just changed the password. – Hawk007 Dec 13 '16 at 18:29

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