What is the process for getting paid apps into the Ubuntu Software Center?


Paid (and open source) applications can be submitted to:

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Canonical offers two services for commercial apps, simplified very basically here:

  1. The Full-service option where they do all the work to put the program in the Software Centre
  2. The Self-service option where you package it, and they give you feedback, and put it in the Software Centre

For more details see the Canonical website page on Application Packaging.

I assume this is the only way to get software into the store. I also imagine both services are currently more expensive than say putting software in the iOS market. On the other hand I'm sure Canonical offer reasonable prices - I just think they're trying to attract businesses rather than individuals at the moment.

Certainly it is possible for applications to be added 'mid-release'.

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    It's roughly 29 minutes into the video. – TRiG Nov 26 '10 at 23:02

All apps for the Software Center can be submitted to http://software-center.ubuntu.com/dev now - and it will accept apps that require activation/license keys now for Ubuntu 11.10, too!

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