I got so inspired by this question Generate white noise to calm a baby, and was wondering if SoX could be used for generating Binaural Beats.

Basically I'd want to make sounds that are such that there is a between 2 Hz to 20 Hz difference between the tone in the left and right channel.

  • The tone(s) may change be of different type - sine, square, sawtooth, ...
  • The tone(s) may change in pitch - grow to lower frequency
  • The difference between the tone(s) may change - go from far apart (eg. 16 Hz) to closer apart (eg. 4 Hz)
  • Ideally it would be great to play several "sets" simultaneously - eg. 500 Hz +/- 15 Hz, 300 +/- 8 Hz, 200 +/- 4 Hz

Additionally it would be great if some additional sound may be played - like soft music or those waves from the "calm a baby"-question.

Speaking of the waves, would it be possible to get them slightly out-of-pitch and/or out-of-sync? One channel with slightly lower frequency than the other? (Hmmm... I guess white-noise is all frequencies, and thus have no pitch...) Or having the "breaking wave" noise in one channel start slightly before the other?

I know there are programs - and websites - that does this (I've got several of them)... This is more of a "can it be done"... If I should bother trying to learn SoX well enough to succeed - and if there are some good tips to get me started.


synth generates left and right tones:

play -n synth sine 520 sine 530

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