Is it still safe and stable to install Oracle jdk via:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java?

Or is it best practice to install Oracle jdk via:

Official Oracle jdk8 download page and extract?

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I will always be safer to install directly from those who developed the software in question.

That being said, I guarantee almost everybody that install Oracle's JDK and JRE uses this repository you mentioned. Became almost like an official repository for Oracle's JDK/JRE.


  • easier to install;
  • easier to maintain;
  • easier to update;


  • it isn't official (but almost like one);

I tend to go with downloading stuff, compiling and installing myself. That way I can keep good track of things the way I like and modify them. This is somewhat what I like to call, in this day and age, the 'lack of gears' somewhere between my brain cells..

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