Is it possible show volume and wireless icons in the status bar, like in the Ubuntu title bar?

At moment I only connect to a unique wi-fi network, but in the future I need to see more networks.


For WiFi applet, you need the package network-manager-gnome. To check is it is installed, do:

apt-cache policy network-manager-gnome

& check if it is installed.

For volume, you can see the volume percentage in your i3bar. First find the location of your i3status.conf file using the following command:

sudo find / -type f -iname .i3status.conf

Next, copy it to any folder of your choice. But for the sake of simplicity I am going to copy it to ~/.config/i3/

cp /path/to/conffile ~/.config/i3/

Next, edit the .i3status.conf file. For volume these are the edits you should make:

  • Uncomment this line:

    order += "volume master"
  • Also, uncomment these lines:

    volume master {
            format = "♪: %volume"
            format_muted = "♪: muted (%volume)"
            device = "default"
            mixer = "Master"
            mixer_idx = 0

Next, open your config file, find this pattern status_command and replace that line with this:

status_command i3status -c $HOME/.config/i3/.i3status.conf

If you want a volume applet instead of just an icon that shows you the volume percentage, then:

  • Goto this Github page.

  • Download the zip.

  • Extract it to the folder of your choice.

  • Compile it, by following the instructions given here. Or follow these instructions (copied from the link):

    Those are the dependencies needed to compile pa-applet:
    * GLib (libglib2.0-dev in Debian)
    * GTK+ >=3 (libgtk-3-dev in Debian)
    * libnotify (libnotify-dev in Debian)
    * libpulse (libpulse-dev in Debian)
    * Xlib (libx11-dev in Debian)
    * autoconf
    * automake
    * pkg-config
    Installation instructions
    pa-applet uses autotools. If you're downloading from the Git repository, you might need to run autogen.sh before you compile it:
    $ ./autogen.sh
    Compiling and installing it is simple enough:
    $ ./configure --prefix=/foo/bar
    $ make
    $ make install

At the end of ~/.config/i3/config, add these lines for the applet to work:

exec_always pa-applet

Also, for nm-applet just below the above line, look for the line:

tray_output primary

And make sure it is commented.

Also, add these lines at the end of ~/.config/i3/config for the applet to show:

exec_always nm-applet

Finally, reboot.


For volume I am using: pnmixer
And for network manager: nm-applet

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