Today I created a new alias in ~/.bash_aliases:

alias upgrade='aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade -y'

but when I run upgrade, it shows:

E: Could not open the lock file "/var/lib/apt/lists/lock" - open (13: Permission denied) 
E: Could not lock /var/lib/apt/lists/

I tried putting:

alias upgrade='sudo aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade -y'

but I have the same error, and I try running:

sudo upgrade

but I have the same error. How can I solve this?

If you need more information, tell me.


Your alias must contain sudo twice, one inn front of each of the two commands you combined using &&:

alias upgrade='sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade -y'

Alternatively you could start a subshell with sudo which runs both commands internally:

alias upgrade='sudo bash -c "aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade -y"'

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