I have a gray Hauppauge remote control that I have mostly working with MythTV (Mythbuntu 11.10). The only remaining problem is that if I press the Up, Down, Left, or Right buttons on the remote, the selection in MythTV is moved two places in that direction. I've tried playing around with the repeat and delay settings in the lircrc files but they have no effect. The irw command reports these button presses as single presses. Any tips on how to debug this?

I got as much as I have working using the advice on this thread.

Here are all of my various lirc configuration files.


I had a similar problem with a windows media center remote. X was picking up the remote as well as mythtv.

If you are having the same problem, you have two choices:

1) Tell X to ignore your remote control.

2) Remove the arrow keys from the lirc mapping for mythtv so that X controls the arrow keys and lirc controls the rest.

Unfortunately, I've forgotten the setting to do (1). Hopefully someone else will be able to guide you further.

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