I installed some packages a while ago and for some reason, they would only install with a special set of parameters that I used as recommended on a website (can't remember which one).

Now, although harmless, I am stuck with these warnings every time I run apt-get:

dpkg: warning: ignoring option --foreign-architecture=i386: this architecture cannot be foreign

Any idea where is this lying around? How can I clean this up?


I can confirm. Removing the line foreign-architecture i386

in the file /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch

Removes the warning message: Unknown configuration key foreign-architecture' found in yourdpkg' configuration files. This warning will become a hard error at a later date, so please remove the offending configuration options and replace them with `dpkg --add-architecture' invocations at the command line.

when performing the command: sudo apt-get update


It's part of the new multiarch system that lets you install foreign-arch packages on your system.

Have a look at the file(s) in /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/, you should see it in there.

I think it's safe to remove if you don't want to use multiarch though I don't know why it should be warning in the first place. Is your physical arch i386 as well or something?


just go to the required destination and delete the 'foreign-architecture i386' line.It works.


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