I'm facing problems for ripping Audio CD, and found a patch in a forum than maybe fixes it. But don't know to apply it.

cdparanoia patch

Thanks in advance

  • You would have to download the source code for cdparanoia, install any necessary libraries required for compilation, apply the patch to the source code, and compile it into a binary. This is over the heads of most beginners; maybe you could try posting your issue with ripping CDs as a question on this site to see if there's a simpler answer. – Nick Weinberg Sep 8 '16 at 15:55
  • Thanks for you reply. I already posted the problem days ago, but I get no responses: askubuntu.com/questions/821280/… I'm following this instructions and want to test if works: github.com/thomasvs/morituri/issues/36 – rootsandculture Sep 8 '16 at 16:07

You need to get the source of cdparanoia and apply the patch to cdparanoia.1 file.

I've tried to use the patch and I think it was failing for an absence of newline at the end. I added one and the patch was successful. Get the modified patch from this github gist

cdparanoia uses svn. So, if your patch file is saved as changes.patch and you're in a directory where cdparanoia.1 file resides, you'll do

patch -p0 < changes.patch

After applying the patch, you need to compile the whole software. There is a README file instructing the process. Basically it is executing these commands sequentially

sudo make install
  • What did I wrong? That command should be applied to the sorce extracted folder? I downloaded cdparanoia-III-10.2.src.tgz pastebin.com/fe0CDZm5 – rootsandculture Sep 8 '16 at 17:35
  • Where did you downloaded it? – Anwar Sep 8 '16 at 17:39
  • @rootsandculture Some patches work differently. I saw that cdparanoia use svn. to patch it, you'll do patch -p0 < changes.patch – Anwar Sep 8 '16 at 17:45
  • I'm completely lost :( I readed the link How to make and apply SVN patch but I can't figure out. Could someone patch it and upload the patched file? :) pastebin.com/JRQZ4Z7T – rootsandculture Sep 8 '16 at 18:32
  • @rootsandculture I got the same result. Make sure you found the patch file genuine and good. – Anwar Sep 8 '16 at 18:33

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