I am running Ubungu 16.04 on virtualbox. Till today everything worked fine. But at morning I got some news about update and I did it and had to restart the VM because the Updater wanted me to.

Since that I had several problems:

  • Ctrl+Alt+NUMPAD did not position windows in grid anymore (Solved with compizconfig-settings-manager)
  • Ctrl+Alt+ARROWKEY did not switch workspaces (Also solved with compizconfig-settings-manager)

Now one problem is left:

When I open new applications, for example a Terminal, it is located on the upper left position of the Screen. But behind the Unity Menubar and the upper title bar. It is totally not easy to drag and drop it down because the Window is hidden by the titlebar.

Now after my Alt+ctrl keys are working again it is better to handle, but it is still annoying problem.

Does anybody have idea what happened during this update at morning?


On compizconfig-settings-manager. Just enable Place Windows on Windows Management category.

  • thanks, but any workaround without any new manager ?
    – gtzinos
    Nov 9 '17 at 20:34

First, install compizconfig-settings-manager

sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager

Then search compizconfig-settings-manager from search panel

enter image description here

Now scroll down to the opened to the compizconfig window and go to the Window Management

enter image description here

Enable Place Windows

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