I was trying to update Ubuntu 12.04 to a new version and the computer crashed during the process. This is a computer with Ubuntu and Windows 7 installations.

After power button reboot and after selecting Ubuntu from the GRUB menu, the system provides a shell interface simply saying Filesystem check or mount failed. It also suggests to hit CTRL+D to continue booting, but after that it says mountall start/starting and then the same initial error.

I do not understand the mechanics of system recovery and searched this site for some info, and got to this question, where there is a nice explanation of potential recovery steps:

However, since I don't understand how the system works, I am a bit worried that taking this steps might affect the Windows installation I have alongside the Ubuntu one. I do not understand the basic concept of "mount" commands, hence my question.

When I run df -h in the recovery shell, this shows up:

Filesystem Size (...) Mounted on 
udev       3.9G       /dev
tmpfs      1.6G       /run
/dev/sda6  92G        /

I suppose the /dev/sda6 only corresponds to a disk partition where Ubuntu is installed.

Is there a possibility that these recovery steps might affect the windows installation/files? Apologies for the noob question, but I really lack understanding of these issues.


Your best (and simplest) course of action is to boot into recovery mode and select the "fsck – check all filesystems" option from the recovery menu (in step 7 of the linked article, instead of the "root shell" option).

  • Hello David thanks for your response, can you please elaborate on your answer? What does fsck does exactly and will it affect the Windows installation in another partition? – Golden Saints Sep 7 '16 at 13:55

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