I have installed plex media server plexmediaserver_1.1.3.2700-6f64a8d_amd64.deb on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04LTS 64bit. The web app works when I place media in /var/lib/plexmediaserver as per the default settings. However it doesn't work if I place media in my own folder /home/matt/PLEX Or if I set the path to an external hard drive. I'm not sure if this is a permissions issue, or if it's a plex settings issue, or how I would correct either issue.

  • issue the command ls -l /home/matt and edit your question to include the PLEX line that starts with d so we can examine the permissions for you. – Elder Geek Sep 6 '16 at 22:59

Make sure your home directory ~/ and the directory where you have your media set have the read and execute permission.

You can set this, for the areas you have specified for your files with:

$ chmod go+x /home/matt
$ chmod go+xr /home/matt/PLEX

Also make sure your media has the go+r permission.

You can do the latter for all the files in your media area with:

$ chmod -R go+r /home/matt/PLEX

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