I'd like to edit the "right-click" menu for folders and files.
The recommended tool for the job is nautilus-actions Install nautilus-actions.

However, there are two things this tool cannot do.
1. It can't remove the existing menu items that are already there.

For example, I am never going to "Email" a directory. I want to completely remove it from the menu.
enter image description here

  1. When I do use nautilus-actions, all of my new menu items show up as sub items of "Nautilus-Actions actions". I want them to be root menu items.

enter image description here

Is there an easier way to do all of this? Where are the configurations stored? In the registry? In the filesystem? Do I have to code something according to the Nautilus API?

For as simple as this should be, I'm surprised how difficult it has been to find answers.

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You can remove the "Nautilus-Actions actions" by going to Edit->Preferences->Nautilus menu layout, and changing "Create a root Nautilus-Actions' menu to false.

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    That is only answering a small part of your question :) Maybe edit your question if this is what you were looking for. Sep 6, 2016 at 19:19

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