I was trying to install PlayOnLinux from terminal but it failed 2 but the last time it installed but I couldn't agree. But it worked and installed. I installed the latest version. Here is the problem, I start the program PlayOnLinux and I press install program, the " Install a non listed game" my issue is machine is not showing the exe files nothing shows up for the CD Drive no files found, I browse the CD no files on CD.


Type These commands in Terminal:-

sudo apt-get purge playonlinux  
sudo apt-get autoremove  
sudo apt-get autoclean  

After that, there is still something left to do. Go to your hidden folders in /home/.playonLinux, which is where the settings are for POL. After deleting a program, the settings folder stays if you don't delete it manually.


This one command will remove wine and playonlinux completely.

sudo apt purge wine* playonlinux* && sudo apt autoremove && m -r ~/.wine ~/.playonlinux

Also there can be .deb files of wine and playonlinux in /var/cache/apt/archives which you can remove by apt clean and there can be some files of Those dos apps which can be left behind like saved game ..etc. You have remove those manually .

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